The shirt is closer to your body, so it's worth the investment. Try our Made-to-Measure shirts made of premium comfortable materials. We guerantee you'll feen more confident and your business meetings will be almost instantly more successful.



This key part of creating tailored clothes is done by an experienced tailor.

We're saving the measurements, so there's no need to come over for another one. Just call, pick up the material and visit by for the new piece.


Choose from more than 100 first class fabrics from Czech manufacturer MILETA, Turkish SÖKTAS made of Egyptian cotton or the most exclusive cotton manufacturer - SEA ISLAND.

Pro p†ny - KoÁile n.m (24) Pro p†ny - KoÁile n.m (17)


  • two starting cuts
  • hundreds of materials
  • 30 types of collars
  • 20 types of cuffs
  • a chest pocket
  • hidden closing
  • contrast collar, placket, cuffs
  • decorative details
  • your monogram
Pro p†ny - KoÁile n.m (22)

The making

With our unique Made-to-Measure system, after taking your measurements we send the data to Prostějov, where our tailors start their work on your shirt. The process usually takes from 3 to 4 weeks, but we can make it faster. The finalised piece is then sent back to our salon, where you can try it for the first time.

Interested in a Made-to-Measure shirt?