Proms, banquettes and another evening entertainment requires proper clothing. Choose from these classic, well-tailored pieces, made to measure. Due to the occasion, choose a tuxedo, dinner jacket or a tail-coat.




Same as the Made-to-Measure suits, measuring for evening clothing is the key part of the process. Only experienced tailors take measures at Bernhardt salon.


Evening clothes are most frequently made of the best quality fabrics of darker colours. If you have a thing for an extravagancy, we can differ your tuxego with a contrast lining  buttons or a classy monogram.


  • completely to your imagination
  • standard, sharp or round lapels
  • pockets
  • custom vents
  • linings
  • decorative details
  • monogram and other specialities




The making

With our unique Made-to-Measure system, after taking your measurements we send the data to Prostějov, where our tailors start their work on your piece. The process usually takes from 3 to 4 weeks, but we can make it faster. The finalised piece is then sent back to our salon, where you can try it for the first time.
The vest or en extra trousers are an option.

Interested in Made-to-Measure smoking, tail-coat?